Getting to know Elaine, your parenting coach -Ted X talk

Hello Everyone

I'm Elaine Halligan, and it's lovely to welcome you to the course. I am a parenting coach, an author and a speaker but first and foremost I'm a mother and it's my parenting journey that led to where I am today,

I’m not Wonder Woman or Super Nanny, not Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee, I’m just me (and in essence, I’m probably you) and that’s what makes me different. I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve been at the end of my tether wondering why my child is different and what I can do to support him. I’ve learned first hand the skills it takes not just to survive the struggle but to get to the other side and change the story.  

It is my mission to create a happier future generation by sharing parenting strategies that will have an authentic impact, transforming challenging children into confident and contented children with my personal style and a positive approach. 

If you are interested in my story, do take 15 minutes to watch my TED x talk

Neurodiversity is a super power not a problem | Elaine Halligan | TEDxBonnSquare - YouTube

Otherwise, I suggest you grab a notebook and start at the beginning and remember to sign into your teachable school each day to watch that days' video. You should receive an email also into your in box every day as a little prompt/ reminder.

Enjoy the course

Yours Aye

Elaine x

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